Our Produce

We’re currently on permanent pause / hiatus, but hopefully will be returning within the next few years in a slightly different form, and at a smaller scale.

2021: In 2021, we sold our organically grown vegetables through farmers markets and online for local pickup and delivery. You could typically find us day vending at the East Asheville Tailgate Market, Fridays from 3:00 to 6:00 PM, until the end of October.

We also had some of our produce for sale through Patchwork Alliance (a local co-op). We serve Asheville, Black Mountain, Marion, and the surrounding areas.

Fresh List:
Veggies and Fruit Currently Available

Organically grown green curly kale grown in Marion NC, and sold in Asheville NC and the surrounding areas.


We are growing a few varieties of kale throughout the fall and winter, including a curly green, curly red (roja), and red russian. All are grown from organic seed.

A bunch of rainbow chard

Rainbow Chard

Bunches of rainbow chard are currently available in small quantities (less than a dozen per week).

Bunches of scallions for sale at the farmers market. White bulbed guardsman, standard parade, and deep purple varieties.

Scallions (Green Onions)

We have bunches of scallions available again this fall, of the Nabechan variety.

Bunch of multicolored "easter egg" radishes in red, purple, pink and white. And a bunch of french breakfast radishes, after harvest on the farm.


Depending on the week, we have the multicolored Easter Egg and the milder French Breakfast variety, or both.

Multiple pints of shishito peppers at farmers Market - East Asheville Tailgate Market

Shishito Peppers

Small, mildly spicy green peppers. About one in ten is hot (jalapeno-level spice), and the rest are mild. Available by the pint or in larger quantities.


We have three varieties currently available, that we are selling in mixed bunches; touchstone gold, chioggia (candy cane), and avalanche (white).

5 oz. bag of summer crisp lettuce mix

Lettuce Mix

A 5 oz. bagged mix of the different kinds of lettuce we are growing. Currently contains different types of summer crisp (Batavia).

Red Cherokee and green Muir lettuce growing under shade cloth in NC. Summer crisp (batavian) types.

Head Lettuce

We are growing a red romaine and green romaine/butterhead hybrid in our tunnel for the late fall and winter. We grow a green and red summer crisp (Batavia) lettuce that is available throughout the entire summer.

Produce Coming Soon
Available within the next few months or weeks

  • Brussels Sprouts — Fall, 2021

Other Produce / Out of Season:
Not Currently Available

We sell the following vegetables and fruit during the year, but not as this time.

Pint of Okra


Green okra, of the variety Jambalaya. Sold by the pint. Limited quantities currently available at market.


Classic Italian, Genovese. No longer available.

Half pints of wild blackberries for sale at the farmers market in East Asheville.

Wild Blackberries

Half pints of wild (on our land) hand-picked blackberries. Limited quantities were available at the farmers market, but we are at the end of the harvest for 2021.

Heirloom Tomatoes

We grew three different varieties of heirloom tomatoes during the summer: Cherokee Purple, Cherokee Green, and Brimmer.

Multiple large cushaw squash (winter squash with vertical green stripes and long neck) on display the farmers market, with some in a basket.

Winter Squash

Multiple types of winter squash including: Cushaw, Spaghetti, Pink Banana, and Blue Hubbard.